Flip Turn Farm

Laura Allen-Ward and Jeff Allen

203 240 8192


Veggies, honey, plants, loofah soap

Flip Turn Farm in Bartlesville

Herrick’s Smoke House

Ed Mitchell

620 306 1298


Smoked cheese, smoked salts, smoked jams/jellys

Lost Creek Woodworks

Chris Burton

918 815 2846

Wood and resin bowls; Native American jewlery and crocheted stuffed animals

Sarahs Crafts n’ Creations

Sarah White / Danneyelle Blackwell

918 766 4231



Car freshies, T-shirts, cutting boards, watch bands, pillows kitchen towels, home décor, etc..

Best friends for life!!! All at home crafting!

How we started – we started as very small doing it as a new hobby during Covid and started making fun things while on our free time!

We use vinyl watch bands are made by our beads and sublimation on our t-shirts , kitchen screen print towels, pillow, home décor. Our car Freshies are personalized with scent, shape and color.

We also support other small business to make all our things and everything can be customized.

The Sunflower Shoppe

Samantha Dearman

918 214 6674


Baked good, soap, laundry soap, crafts, self-care products and more.

From scratch home bakery located in Bartlesville. We also make laundry soap, artisan soaps, crafts and more!

Meemaw Farms and Meemaw’s Kitchen

Matthew Collins and Charika Tuarjaitor

918 213 8822



Scratch made baked goods – Giant cimmanon rolls, monkey bread, banana, zuchinni and pumpkin breads, French bread, curried veggie buns, garlic toast, assorted cookies, cakes and deserts. Sweet corn, plant starts, bell peppers, spicey peppers.

With our 20 years restaurant experience I focus on using only the finest ingredients to share the various desserts my Meemaw used to make when I was young! I call it Metal health food!

Rocky Top Meats

Phil, Anita and Levi Clubine

620 779 1737



Individual cuts of beef and pork as well as ¼. ½ or whole
Ground beef, roasts, steaks, hard to find cuts
Picanha, liver, heart, oxtail, tongue, hanger, tri tip, rips, skirt, flank, brisket and others.
Pork sausage, bacon, Boston butt, loin, ham.

We are 4th generation cattle produces, raising Simmental cattle crossing with Angus. We have lived in Mongomery county Kansas our whole lives so we are local. The cattle are pasture raised and grain finished. We raise and sell production cattle. The cattle breed and are in our care 100 percent of the time. Our meat in the package is USDA inspected, no additives, marbled for that great flavor and dry aged in the cooler for 10 to 14 days.

Tanager Hill Farm

Tate Gooden

620 216 0460


We are a small family farm located in Chautauqua County, Kansas

Our goal is to grow nutrient-dense food from biologically active soils.

Our focus is the health of the soil, plant and animal from an ecological perspective, creating exceptional food, a convivial household economy and a livelihood for the farmer.

We sell produce.

Small Bionutrient Dense Farm